The Instagrammable Coffee Shop You’ve Been Waiting For In Trinidad

Do coffee better. That’s not a suggestion. It’s a promise, painted in large seafoam blue letters against a black and white stencilled wall. That’s the artwork that catches your eye just as the warm coffee aroma wafts by you on your way into Full Bloom Coffee. Located at 32 De Verteuil St. in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, this adorable coffee corner promises to do coffee better and to look good doing it. It’s no secret, then, why coffee lovers and Instagram fiends alike are flocking to this tiny, cottage-like building to hold their coffee cups in the air and snap the perfect #PhotoOfTheDay.

Sure, the coffee wall is the focal point of the interior but there’s so much more to look at. From the artistic chalkboard menu to the ceramic coffee cups made with love by Hong Kong-based Loveramics, Full Bloom Coffee is all about the aesthetic. Few other coffee shops have managed to create as welcoming and as charming of a space that freelance creatives are comfortable working in between meetings or on a quiet afternoon.

Still in high school or college? It’s the perfect study spot for you, too. The low hum of mellow music and beloved espresso machines that keep on giving really add to the ~experience~ that is hanging at Full Bloom.

With so much emphasis on the vibe, you might expect the menu to be more lowkey, maybe even a bit underwhelming. Think again. Full Bloom Coffee offers three of their own coffee bean blends — Thirty Two (cheekily named after its street address), Upful, and Handsome Jack — available to purchase for home brewing, which, on its own, is pretty amazing.

But in-store, you can also choose from a classic cappuccino, a latte, an Americano, a mocha (made with Grand Riviere drinking chocolate), a macchiato, a long black (like an Americano with espresso and water, except the water goes before the double shot of espresso), a piccolo (best described as a mini flat white), or a café breva (espresso and half-and-half milk for a creamier finish) to get your buzz going. Each cup is filled to the brim, topped with what you most definitely came for — ‘grammable latte art. We’d hashtag that!

What are you waiting for? Stop by and smell the roses sip the coffee.


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